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Supernatural 9x04/9x05

Damn it, I skipped another episode reaction last week. I miss it when the show aired on any day but Tuesdays. Better late than never, I suppose?


I loved this one! Charlie is one of my favorite characters, so it's always a pleasure to see her again. :)

For starters, the flashbacks were great. I can't get enough of the MoL stuff, I find it so fascinating. And OMG a whole episode set inside the bunker, with all these little cool details... I really, really liked it.

I also thought the way they incorporated the Wizard of Oz stuff was pretty clever. I'm not a huge fan or anything, but I'm familiar enough with it to get the references and I enjoyed what they did (especially Charlie killing the witch with the shoe, omg). And Dorothy was so awesome!

The one bit that did get me wondering was if people dying so Zeke can bring them back is going to become a thing now. When Charlie died I was like nooooooo, but then we got what I felt was basically a reenactment of what had happened to Castiel the week before.

(I'll admit I even snarked to myself that since Dean got choked up and touched Charlie's face, that must mean he's in love with her too. I know, I know, I'm being pretty mean. Sorry.)

Still, it was a very solid episode for me. I'll definitely put this one on the rewatch list.


You all might want to stop reading now/skip this if you loved this one. Seriously. I'm about to go on a rant of sorts over things that don't have that much to do with the show itself.

I know I'm not the best person to comment on this episode, because it made me extremely uncomfortable and I'm sure I can't look at it objectively, but here goes. I'm aware not everyone shares my feelings on these issues and that's totally fine with me, but animal cruelty is basically the *one* thing in life that never fails to horrify me, even if it's only on tv. Besides, let's just say I'm a vegetarian who has strong opinions on animal rights.

I haven't been keeping up too closely with spoilers this season and I didn't know much about this one before watching it, otherwise I think I would have skipped it. In retrospect, I actually regret not quitting after the "witches and hippies" bit in the beginning (which, yeah, I'm a little butthurt about that too, but that's mostly me being an ass), because they had already grossed me out with the taxidermy and the cat-eating scene made me bawl later on.

I also didn't care for the talking animals (huge pet peeve of mine, because I'm a ray of sunshine like that) and some of the scenes made me cringe with second-hand embarrassment, like Sam rubbing the gay dog (wtf?) and Dean flirting with the poodle. It was so silly, but not in a way I enjoyed. I was expecting Suicidal Teddy Bear crack, not... that.

Having said all of that, I don't want to be 100% negative, so here's what I did like:

There were some cute moments, even if I didn't like the rest. I mean, the animals were adorable to see and Dean barking at the mailman and riding shotgun with his head outside the window was pretty amusing.

OMG, Sam had his throat slashed. And he is finally getting suspicious for real (hallelujah!). I'm actually enjoying the tension now, and I can't wait to see how Sam's going to react when he finds out.
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