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Supernatural 9x01/9x02

I meant to do a review last week, but then I kept putting it off and here we are, haha.


Overall, I thought it was a pretty solid start to the season. Given how last season ended and the spoilers I'd seen before I watched the premiere, I guess I was pleasantly surprised. I think the storyline with the angels has potential to be interesting, especially because Metatron is still out there, and I definitely like that there was no time jump this time around.

Another thing I liked is that they seem to be giving Castiel his own storyline. I loved him in S4 and S5, but over the past couple of seasons my interest in his character sort of waned, partly because I've grown tired of the angel arcs, but also because I've felt that he's been used as a plot device way too many times. I think it's pretty obvious that Castiel is not going anywhere, so my take on it is that if he's going to be around, then he needs to have character development happening on screen, and his presence has to be less dependent on whatever Sam and Dean are doing at the time. I know not everyone is happy that they made Cas human, but I'd actually been hoping the show would go that way for a long time now, so I'm tentatively excited to see where this is going.

As for Sam and Dean... oh, man, where do I even start? I'm SO not happy that we're being treated to yet another version of "one of them did a massively shitty thing and is keeping it from the other", with an added bonus of violation this time. Sure, I love that Sam wanted to stick around for Dean, I love that in Sam's mind Dean was the part of him that wanted to fight, and I get why Dean did what he did. I even think it was consistent behavior to a certain point, in that this wasn't the first time he made a questionable choice to save Sam (well, duh), and it wasn't the first time he did something unbelievably gross because he thought he was protecting someone he loved (Lisa and Ben, anyone?). But I think Dean went way too far this time, because not only he ignored what Sam would have wanted, he also helped an angel trick Sam into consenting to possession.

I'm so uncomfortable with the fact that Sam is now sharing his body (and thoughts) with another being, he has no idea about it and Dean was the one who made it happen. I find it pretty fucking creepy to say the least, and I would like the show to have the decency to address some of these issues at some point, but I'm not very optimistic. I really think they could have avoided this kind of situation. Instead of tricking Sam into saying 'yes', they Ezekiel could have just as easily channeled Dean and explained the situation to Sam. It didn't have to be as problematic as it was.

On a related note, what happened raised another question for me. If a random angel could get Sam to say 'yes' under false pretenses, why couldn't Lucifer have done the same back then? Maybe I'm being dense, but now I don't see why Lucifer couldn't have pretended to be, IDK, a waiter and asked Sam if he wanted some dressing with his salad, waited for him to say 'yes' and taken over. Such a simple solution.


Crowley! Kevin! And Abaddon! I had been curious to know what happened to all of them, so that was interesting. Kevin pretending to be FBI on the phone was fantastic (and seriously, is it really possible that Mrs. Tran is still alive?), I'm definitely intrigued by whatever's going on in Crowley's head, and Abaddon is so fucking badass. I'm so happy they kept the same actress too, she's awesome. Plus, I think it's great that we have a new big bad to shake things up on the Hell front, it's been way too long. I gotta say, though, it's a damn shame they killed Meg -- I would have loved to see her as Queen of Hell.

I also liked that they met with other hunters. For me it's always cool when we get to see other hunters, and I think we don't have nearly enough of that on the show. Oh, and Tracy being pissed at Sam over letting Lucifer out was totally random, but I think it was an interesting detail they added. It's been so long and so much has happened since then, it's sort of easy to forget, so I thought it was curious that they chose to mention that at this point.

And OMG how scary was Ezekiel when he finally showed up? I was wondering if he was going to show up, and there he was. I'm still weirded out by the whole thing, but I have to admit that him taking over like that and just kicking demon ass was a pretty cool scene, and I am curious to find out what the deal is with him. I'm not convinced he's not going to be bad news later on, but at least his presence is intriguing, I suppose.

Thoughts, anyone? I miss chatting about the show! :)
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