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Supernatural 8x13

So much love for this one! I guess it's not too soon to call it my favorite episode this season. :)

I just loved how drama-free it was. No bickering, no passive-aggressiveness -- just Sam and Dean getting along and working as a team, on a case that was connected to this new storyline. Sam was totally geeking out over the stuff they found, and Dean was his old goofy self. What's not to love, right?

I'll admit I was a bit annoyed by the "gay thing" because Dean's reaction made no sense to me (and frankly I think Edlund needs to drop the whole laughing-at-the-gay thing, like, yesterday), but other than that the case itself turned out to be pretty cool, and the golem was all sorts of sweet and awesome. And it was hilarious to see someone towering over Sam!

On the super shallow side, boys were looking great as usual tonight, but Sam was just so freaking gorgeous in those clothes he was wearing when he first went to the library. I definitely approve of the "researcher" look. And Dean was so damn cute in the dead man's robe... and that might be the weirdest thing I've ever said, but it's still totally true. :P

As for the Men of Letters storyline, I'm very excited to see it's apparently going somewhere. I'm so happy that Sam and Dean now have found this awesome new place, full of all sorts of new things to learn and where they can just hang out safely, and I'm dying to know what else they're going to discover. I just hope show doesn't screw the pooch when this all finally ties in with the other plots this season, which I'm assuming will happen at some point. *fingers crossed*
Tags: supernatural, tv
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