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Mini Bang Art: Structurally Unsound

Fic title: Structurally Unsound
Author: patriciatepes
Genre: Gen, Casefic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence—no more than a usual episode; light language—again, no more than a usual episode
Summary: The Apocalypse is over, and Purgatory is all anyone can talk about since Eve hit the scene. However, Sam and Dean find themselves drawn to the campus of the University of North Alabama where supernatural mischief has students and professors pushing up daisies. Although they first suspect the little girl ghost, Molly, is responsible, they soon find that that’s not the case. Instead, sixteen ghosts, held inside of a bottle tree, appear to be the culprit.
Link to fic: HERE



(click to see full size)




Artist's notes

This is my second set this year for the spn_gen_bigbang Mini Bang, and it was again a great experience. I love a good casefic, and I'm very happy I got to claim this one. It's a pretty solid mystery with an interesting setup, and I hope these graphics above complement the story well. :)

Kudos again to reapertownusa for organizing this challenge, and a huge thank you to my dear author patriciatepes for letting me play with her story. Working with her was lovely and I had a great time. :)
Tags: graphics, spn_gen_bigbang

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