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Supernatural 8x23

A day late, but god, that was satisfying. Sure, it was far from perfect, but it was the first season finale since Lucifer Rising that didn't leave me totally conflicted, so that's a win in my book.

The negative

Completing the trials would have killed Sam, Metatron was lying, Castiel is now human... everybody and their mother saw those 'twists' coming from miles away, even if we couldn't be 100% sure. Granted, some of the details ended up being more creative and more interesting than I expected, but I wasn't surprised at all by what happened.

Another thing that bothered me was the overall treatment of the female characters. I get that this has been an issue throughout the course of the show, but this time it bugged me more than it usually does. Naomi is gone, we don't even know for sure if Jody survived, they got rid of Abaddon's vessel, and it turns out Linda Tran did die off-screen, while all the male characters made it out alive, obviously. Ten bucks says Abaddon comes back next season in a male meatsuit.

And of course there's the problem of the trials themselves. They spent the whole season building up to they boys shutting the gates of hell forever and in the end... nope. It was pretty anticlimactic, although at least Sam didn't die (it was totally his turn to be sent somewhere else), so I guess I shouldn't complain about this one too much.

The positive

Pretty much everything else? In no particular order:

  • That was probably one of my favorite "The Road So Far" montages. It made the season seem much more exciting that it actually was.

  • It was nice to see Jody Mills again! I do wish they had given her more to do, because she's such a cool character, and I really hope she's still alive. *sigh*

  • I was so sure Kevin would die, so him being alive and safe in the Batcave was a relief.

  • I'm definitely curious to see what will happen to Crowley next season. Something's different about him. Huh.

  • I'm even more curious to see what will happen to Castiel. I've said over and over that I've grown tired of the angel arcs, but I think they finally managed to come up with something that I can get invested in. And that final scene with the angels falling was spectacular.

Sam and Dean, omg

I'll admit I sort of wanted to punch Dean in the face when he started rattling off all the things Sam could confess to, because seriously, hasn't Sam done enough to redeem himself for the crap he pulled in S4? Also, he didn't lose his soul on purpose, come on. But what he said to Sam in the end totally made up for everything else. I'd been hoping for a scene like that for such a long time, and Sam needed to hear those things so bad. Poor Sam. Dean told him he's going to die if he completes the trial and he didn't even care, he thinks his greatest sin is letting his brother down, and there was just so much hurt in everything he said.... UGH I CAN'T EVEN. Honestly I don't even care if it was inconsistent characterization or whatever, it was beautiful to watch and it hit all the right spots for me. There may or may not have been some ugly crying. I REGRET NOTHING.

Aaand that's it for this season. Ugh, I hate hellatus.
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