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Supernatural 8x22

I'm happy with this one! Sure, if I want to get nitpicky, there were a few things that didn't work for me, but overall I think it was pretty good. Random comments in no particular order:

I really like how useful the Batcave is turning out to be. I guess it's a bit too convenient that Sam and Dean have been basically finding all the answers they need somewhere in there, but frankly it doesn't bother me, probably because it hasn't happened a thousand times yet. There's so much the show can do with the MoL stuff, so as far as plot devices go, at least this one is still new. At this point, I'd rather see them do research there than have them solve everything with a phone call or with a quick internet search.

On that note, I thought that was a very neat twist on the old exorcism stuff. This season has been a mess when it comes to dealing with past canon, but this one worked for me because it didn't invalidate everything we learned before, and it also looked pretty cool.

Seriously, how could Sam and Dean lose Abaddon? Why, why, why didn't they put in another devil's trap just in case? The minute they left her alone, it was SO obvious that she wasn't going to stay put. I hate it when Sam and Dean suddenly become dumb as a box of rocks, it's so far from believable.

Hm, I'm not sure I trust Metatron. The stuff he wants Castiel to do seems shady and it came up so abruptly too. I wonder if that was just lazy writing or if there really is something weird going on.

Speaking of, I really liked Castiel in this episode. I know it's been done many times before, but clueless!Cas is one of my favorites and I thought that scene where he goes shopping was hilarious. Dean was totally pissed and wouldn't accept his apologies, so he figured he'd try to get into his good graces again by buying beer, porn mags and pie? It was actually a bit endearing, haha.

I'm really enjoying the brotherly moments in this final stretch of the season. They're so comfortable with each other, and Dean being so protective is hitting all the right spots for me. I can only hope they won't ruin it next week. I expect there will be a massive cliffhanger (when hasn't there been?), but I really don't want them to end the season apart yet again.

Finally, my absolute favorite thing about this episode: Crowley is killing everyone Sam and Dean have saved. Yes, it's incredibly evil and I'm very disappointed that Sarah is dead, but at the same time I love the emotional impact it has. Through everything that has happened and all the crap Sam and Dean have done, the one thing they could always find solace in is the fact that they have helped so many people, and Crowley is trying to take that away. It's brilliant and cruel in a way we hadn't seen on the show in a long time, so I can definitely appreciate that.

Only one more week to go! Promo and sneak peek look pretty awesome, so I'm pretty excited for next week. :)
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