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Supernatural 8x19

So that was... awesomely terrible? I'm totally torn about this one, which hasn't happened in a really long time. I found it so awful but also so much fun that I'm not sure how to react, if that makes any sense at all.

The negative

So. Much. Retconning. I feel like I can't even process everything properly. Getting in and out of Purgatory and then Hell was easy in a way that makes absolutely no sense if compared to everything we had learned before. For starters, reapers are visible to anyone, so I guess Dean chose to die to find Tessa in S6 for the sheer pleasure of fucking with the natural order yet again.

Purgatory is also very accessible, which probably means Castiel and Crowley had so much work in S6 just for shits and giggles, and that it only took Dean, Benny and Cas a year to find a way out because they kept eye-fucking each other every step of the way. Oh, and Hell is actually tiny and not such a bad hangout, given how quickly Sam found Bobby, who was in great shape even after staying down there for who knows how long. Clearly Cas had so much trouble to get Dean AND Sam out because he likes to do things the hard way, and Sam and Dean were so messed up after their own experiences in Hell because they're drama queens.

On top of all that, they also made Sam look even worse for not looking for Dean, because according to this episode it was just that simple. If only he had tortured the right crossroads demon earlier this season. Possibly in season 4 too.

The positive

If I ignore everything I mentioned above, I can say it was in fact very enjoyable. If anything it moved the plot forward, the special effects were cool, and there was a lot of action and tension from beginning to end. Benny and Dean totally broke my heart tonight, I'm still intrigued by Naomi, and I'm dying to know what happened to Kevin (and his mom, omg).

Plus, I wanted Sam to rescue Dean from Hell and then from Purgatory, and while this was so not the same thing, I did have fun watching Sam on a rescue mission. I like the show best when both boys get to play hero, and this episode felt very balanced in that regard.

And since I'm easy like that, that hug had me smiling like a loon. :D
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