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Supernatural 8x15

After a handful of episodes that were pretty solid, I feel like this one was a disappointment. It wasn't all bad, but I was bored through most of it. I like that they tried a different take on witches, but I think the way they handled the case wasn't very interesting. Since there wasn't much else in the episode, it was just a bad filler episode to me. And they named the familiar/cat Philippe Le Chat? Really?

I also didn't get what they were doing with Dean. it's nitpicky, but since when does he not like dogs? In Mystery Spot he seemed pretty dog-friendly, and while I could understand it if this has something to do with hellhounds, I think they should have alluded to it, then, because it felt pretty random. And he's allergic to cats too? Besides, I don't really get why he was so freaked out by the dog/woman thing. I suppose they were playing it for laughs, but I didn't think it was funny and mostly it made no sense to me.

I still found a few things I enjoyed, though. Portia was interesting, even if the whole bestiality issue squicked me a bit, and I liked the astral projection scene -- that was pretty cool. Also, the scenes with Sam and Dean arguing about the Three Stooges and Sam trying to hide the dog were cute.

I'm a little worried that there seems to be this thing going on between Sam and Dean where they say they trust each other but don't, not completely anyway. There's clearly something wrong with Sam, and while I'm excited about the possibilities, I'm afraid we're going to be treated to yet another version of They Are Keeping Secrets From Each Other ™.

On a positive note, next week's episode looks like it could be very good. Hopefully things will get back on track then. :)
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