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Supernatural 8x12

I thought this one was actually pretty cool, if a little retcon-y. I enjoyed the good, old-fashioned Winchester Family Angst™, and it was definitely nice to finally learn some of John's backstory.

Starting out with the stuff I thought was a tad weird:

  • So Henry Winchester... was not a mechanic. When John described himself as a "mechanic from a family of mechanics" or whatever it was he said exactly then, I had assumed his dad would have been one, so all this new info felt a little odd to me.
  • A demon so powerful the knife didn't work, plus the whole thing with blowing demon smoke into a person and asking them what they had seen. I thought that was kind of meh, because shouldn't Lilith have been able to do just that too, then? IDK.

Now, the stuff I enjoyed:

  • Show apparently went back to painting John in a more positive light, which was very satisfying to me. What I liked about John in S1 was that he was a complex character, in that he had many flaws and made his share of mistakes, but his heart was always in the right place. I've felt that in the later seasons the show sort of trashed his memory, and I thought tonight's episode made up for some of that.
  • Oh, these Winchesters, with their tragic lives and the self-sacrificing. I can totally tell where Sam and Dean (and John) got that from now. Seriously though, it was all very touching, and I like how well Henry's story fits in with what we already know.
  • Random, but the visual of Sam getting clocked by an old lady was kind of amusing. :P
  • Poor Baby got her window smashed by Henry. I literally gasped when that happened and as a result I got a weird look from my cats. /even more random
  • Devil's trap carved in a bullet was EPIC.
  • I'm so curious to learn more about these Men of Letters and where exactly they're taking the box. No spoilers, really -- I'm just assuming they're not done with all of that. I think these new details could be a cool addition to the mythology, so I'm pretty excited.
  • Absolute favorite thing about this episode? Sam and Dean working together in harmony, with a central plot that related to them on a very personal level, and without any other distractions. I'm enjoying the tablet plotline and I like most of the recurring characters, but it was cool to take a break from all that and have a serious and emotionally satisfying episode that focused only on Sam and Dean and the case at hand. I'm a sucker for that old school feel, and this one did not disappoint.

Now, next week's looks like it could be either really fun or a total trainwreck --here's hoping it's the first option.
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