eyestoowide (eyestoowide) wrote,

Supernatural 8x11

Hee, so much love for this one! It was a nice break from all the drama, and overall a super fun episode.

There were many little things I enjoyed, like the sheriff(?) in the beginning, the fact that Gerry could tell that the FBI badges were fake and obviously the game itself, but I guess what I loved most was OMG CHARLIE. It was great to see her again -- she's awesome. ♥

As for the boys, I like that they're finally getting along again. And seriously, Dean is such a massive dork. I like how he was all pretending he didn't get what the big deal was with the LARPing but he actually loved it. That little smile on his face when Charlie told him he'd have to dress up was priceless. And Sam in the end, with the clothes and the hair pulled back! I'm just sorry we didn't get to see him like that during the whole episode.

So yeah, this one is definitely making the rewatch list. And next week's looks interesting too!
Tags: supernatural, tv
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