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Supernatural 8x07

So that wasn't bad but I'll admit I thought it was kind of... boring, at least until we got to the last 10 minutes or so. Granted, I'm pretty tired right now, so that might have been the problem. Still, there were a few things I enjoyed, so here are my random observations:
  • Nice to see Mrs. Tran again! She's so fucking badass. Sure, hiring the witch turned out to be a major mistake, but I like how proactive she was. And I got a laugh out of her soaking Kevin in holy water.
  • On that note, poor Kevin lost a finger. I guess that was the "little slice of Kevin" from the title, lol.
  • Always a pleasure to watch Crowley in action. Mark Sheppard does such a great job with the character, and I thought his faces were priceless in that scene where people thought they were on a spaceship.
  • So Castiel still hasn't lost the habit of sneaking up on people when he shows up. It felt very familiar in a good way, and I like that they already explained why exactly he didn't get out of Purgatory along with Dean and Benny. No, I'm still not over what he did to Sam (frankly I don't think I'll ever be), but I can appreciate the fact that they're apparently trying to redeem his character instead of just ignoring what happened.
  • Also, it seems Cas is all juiced up again? I definitely find this Cas much more entertaining to watch. The glowing eyes and the wings were pretty cool. And what's the deal with that angel lady we saw? That whole scene reminded of the Matrix for some reason.
  • Still enjoying the Purgatory flashbacks, although I'm wondering if there'll be many more in the future. I mean, we already know how Benny got inside Dean (no, not like that yet), and how Dean escaped and Cas chose to stay behind. I must admit I'm pretty intrigued by one thing, though. How did Dean stay so clean shaven in Purgatory? He could do one of those Mach3 razor commercials or something.  "The best a hunter can get -- even in Purgatory." /brain on crack
  • Notice how I haven't mentioned Sam yet. That's because I felt like he didn't do anything that interesting other than throw that demon bomb (which was awesome, btw). Okay, I did find what he said to Dean about survivor's guilt pretty telling, and I hope I didn't read too much into it, but they dropped it right there and we didn't get any of his flashbacks either. I'm not too fond of Sam's flashback storyline, but since it's there, I want to know more about it.

And I guess that's it for this one. Next week's looks fun if the promo is anything to go by. :)

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